Dräger Ray

The Dräger Ray is a semi-closed circuit recreational diving rebreather designed to use standard nitrox breathing gas mixtures.


Harness and assembly

The soft harness has integrated over-the-shoulder counterlungs and buoyancy compensator bladder. The harness also carries a moderate sized scrubber canister on the upper back, and a single transversely mounted cylinder on the lower back. The Ray delivers a constant mass flow of gas to the breathing circuit through a Dräger Shark regulator and a metering orifice which is chosen from a small range, and which must be matched to the chosen gas mixture.

The whole unit excepting cylinders is supplied in a carrying case.

Breathing loop

The standard unit provides a simple dive/surface valve (DSV) with mouthpiece, but an optional DSV connects to the Dräger Panorama full-face mask using the standard Dräger P-port connection system which is also used for the connections between the breathing hoses and counterlungs, and between the counterlungs and scrubber canister. The back mounted scrubber has axial flow, and has an auxiliary P-port on the base, which can be used to connect an optional oxygen monitor cell.

The automatic diluent valve is combined with the metering orifice as a single unit which plugs into a counterlung using a standard P-port connection.

Gas supply

The standard cylinder supplied with the unit is a 4-litre 200 bar steel cylinder,[1] but it can also carry an 8-litre steel cylinder, which is about the same length but larger diameter. Standard open circuit bailout uses a Shark demand valve on the same first stage used for the metering and ADV. There is also a low pressure hose to supply the buoyancy compensator.


Recreational semi-closed circuit rebreather with constant mass flow dosage and demand gas supply, open circuit bailout on independent second stage.[1][2]

  • Year of design: 2000
  • Scrubber capacity: approximately 1,25 kg
  • Width: 450 mm
  • Height: 600 mm
  • Weight: approximately 15 kg
  • Gas supply cylinder: 4 litre 200 bar (standard)
  • Diving depth:
    • 6 msw (100% oxygen)
    • 22 msw (EAN 50)
    • 30 msw (EAN 40)
    • 40 msw (EAN 32)
  • Dive duration: approximately 70 minutes (EAN 50)
  • Gas mixes: EAN 32, EAN 40, EAN 50, 100% Oxygen (require dedicated components - fixed orifice in ADV valve block)
  • Flow rate (approximate):
    • EAN 40: 12 litre/minute
    • EAN 50: 8.25 litre/minute


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