Downtown Brooklyn: A Journal of Writing

Downtown Brooklyn: A Journal of Writing (ISSN 1536-8475) was an annual American literary magazine which was published between 1992 and 2014.

History and profile

Downtown Brooklyn was founded by the poet Barbara Henning, Rudy Baron and Wayne Berninger.[1] The first annual issue appeared in 1992.[1][2] The magazine was published annually and was edited by faculty in the English Department at the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University.[1]

The editors accepted submissions of poetry, literary prose, and visual art from faculty, staff and students at the campus, although cover art has at times been solicited from local artists who have shown their work in campus galleries.

Downtown Brooklyn went online and published online its last issue, number 24, in 2014.[1]

Full sets of back-issues are available in the Periodicals Collection of Salena Library at Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus) and in the Little Magazine Collection of Memorial Library at The University of Wisconsin–Madison.[2]


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