Douglas Fairbanks Presents

Douglas Fairbanks Presents, also known as Rheingold Theater, is a 1950s syndicated half-hour anthology series hosted by and occasionally starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr. The show was produced by Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Productions for NBC and was filmed at the British National Studios, Elstree, England.[1]

Douglas Fairbanks Presents
Country of originUK/US
Original language(s)English
Running time25 minutes
Original networksyndicated

The series offered Buster Keaton in his first dramatic role in the episode entitled "The Awakening". British actor Christopher Lee appeared in various roles in thirteen episodes, including "Destination Milan".[2] The program aired in America on NBC from 7 January 1953 to 11 February 1957 for a total of 155 episodes. Fairbanks himself starred in forty-eight episodes.[3]

In Melbourne, Australia the series was aired under the title Chesebrough Ponds Playhouse.

Archive status

Out of an original total of 157 episodes, 76 episodes are currently missing.


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