Double First Class University Plan

The Double First Class University Plan or Double Top University Plan (Chinese: 双一流; pinyin: shuāngyīliú)[1][2] is a Chinese government plan conceived in 2015[3] to comprehensively develop a group of elite Chinese universities and individual university departments into world-class universities and disciplines by the end of 2050.[4]

The full list of the sponsored universities and disciplines was published in September 2017, which includes 42 first class universities (36 Class A schools and six Class B schools) and 465 first class disciplines (spread among 140 schools including the first class universities).[5][1]

It was unclear whether this plan represents a new way of ranking universities in China,[4] or replaces Project 211, Project 985, or the C9 League.[5]

Double First Class Universities

The lists of Class A, Class B, and Double Class discipline universities were issued by Chinese Ministry of Education without any ranking within the lists (by "school code").[1] These lists follow in alphabetical order:

Class A (36 universities)

Class B (6 universities)

Double first class disciplines universities (95 universities)

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