Doris Drought

Doris Drought was an American film editor and script supervisor known for her work at Paramount during the 1920s and 1930s.

Doris Drought
BornSeptember 10, 1899
Kansas City, Kansas, USA
DiedMarch 18, 1976 (aged 76)
Pacific Palisades, California, USA
EducationKansas University
OccupationFilm editor


Doris was born to Philip Drought and Margaret Bigger in Kansas City, Kansas, in 1899. An only child, she attended Kansas University, graduating in 1920.[1] She married her college classmate, Byron Shutz, that same year,[2] but they seem to have parted ways soon after.

By 1924, she was living and working in Hollywood.[3] She began working as an editor for Paramount, amassing over a dozen credits between 1928 and 1934.[4] Director Francis D. Lyon trained under Drought, who was one of four or five female editors at the studio at the time.[5][6]

Little is known as to what happened to her after retiring from the industry.

Selected filmography


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