Dori Media Group

Dori Media Group (previously known as Yair Dori International) is a production company founded by the Argentine–Israeli businessman Yair Dori. It has headquarters in Tel Aviv and in Buenos Aires.

Dori Media Group Ltd
Founded1996 (1996)
FounderYair Dori
Number of locations
Key people
Nadav Palti CEO and President
Number of employees
SubsidiariesArgentina Dori Media Contenidos,
Switzerland Dori Media Distribution


Dori Media was founded in 1996 by Yair Dori, who in the early 1990s started importing Argentine soaps to the Israeli market, which became a huge success. And led to the creation of cable channels, which dedicate themselves to air Latin soaps.[1]

After the soap opera Chiquititas became a huge phenomenon in Israel, Dori approached producer Cris Morena about developing a new project. At the time, she was seeking desperately for a financier to her new project, Rebelde Way. He accepted to invest in the project which ended up being a huge success in Argentina and a never before seen phenomenon in Israel.[2] Afterwards, it was sold to over 50 countries and was remade by Mexico (Rebelde) and India (Remix), among others. He also financed another Cris Morena project Rincon de Luz which was not so successful in Argentina but was still extremely popular in Israel. Relationship between Morena and Dori started to turn sour when she did not accept to produce a third season of Rebelde Way[3] and instead decided to produce Floricienta. Instead of counting with Dori to take care of the financial part of the project, Morena decided to work with RGB Entertainment instead which delimited Dori role to only deal with sales to East Europe. While Floricienta was a bigger phenomenon in Latin America and Argentina than Rebelde Way, it could not exceed the success of the predecessor in Israel and Dori and Morena parted ways.

He then started to co-produce with another Argentine companies. With Pol-ka, Dori Media produced Hombres de Honor, Padre Coraje, Sos Mi Vida and Dr. Amor. And with CENTRAL PARK PRODUCTIONS, the highly successful Lalola.

In 2007, Dori did their first independent production: El Refugio. With part of the Rebelde Way cast and staff (but without its creator Cris Morena), Dori tried to recreate the momentum of the show. It didn't work and the show was a huge flop.

After achieved huge international success with Lalola, production done by Central Park Productions.

Its current productions are Champs 12 and Cupido - El Negocio del Amor. The first one, a teen soap, is currently being aired in Argentina and other Latin American countries with lukewarm reception. The second one, which will mark the return of Ana Maria Orozco to television, is currently in production.

London IPO

On 21 March 2005 the company had an initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange raising GBP 3.23 million with a valuation of GBP 21.82 million, at a price of 118 pence per share; the share price reached a high of 190 pence during 2007, but since then gone down below the level of the IPO.

TV Channels

Dori Media Group owns two extremely successful cable channels in Israel dedicated to airing Latin soaps: Viva and Viva Platina. He also produces local soaps including The Champion and Danny Hollywood which have been well received.

List of Productions

The following are Television programs, mainly Telenovelas, produced by Dori Media Group (mostly in Argentina).


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