Donna non vidi mai

"Donna non vidi mai" ("I have never seen a woman") is a tenor aria from the act 1 of Giacomo Puccini's opera, Manon Lescaut. The aria is sung by Des Grieux to a beautiful young lady, Manon Lescaut, who is destined for a convent at the will of her father. Des Grieux sings this aria of his feelings for her.[1]

This scene takes place at a square near to the Paris gate in Amiens, France, somewhere in the 18th century.


Donna non vidi mai, simile a questa!
A dirle: "io t'amo,"
a nuova vita l'alma mia si desta.
"Manon Lescaut mi chiamo"
Come queste parole profumate,
mi vagan nello spirto.
e ascose fibre vanno a carezzare.
O sussurro gentil,
deh, non cessar!

I have never seen a woman, such as this one!
To tell her: " I love you",
my soul awakens to a new life.
"Manon Lescaut is my name."
How these fragrant words,
wander around in my mind.
And come to carress my innermost fibers.
Oh! sweet thoughts,
Ah, do not cease!


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