Donghai Island-class flow-on/flow-off ship

Donghai Island class flow-on/flow-off ship is a class of little known naval auxiliary ship currently in service with the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).[1] The name of this class is after the first unit commissioned, with the exact type still remains unknown, and only a single unit of this class have been confirmed in active service as of mid-2010s, with pennant number 868.[1] The flow-on/flow-off capability of the Donghai class is achieved via its semi-submersible hull design.[1]

 Class   Pennant #   Commissioned   Status   Fleet 
Donghai Island 868 July 10, 2015 Active South Sea Fleet
Name: Donghai Island
Namesake: Donghai Island
Completed: 2015
Commissioned: July 10, 2015
In service: July 10, 2015
General characteristics
Class and type: Donghai Island
Displacement: 23,000 long tons (23,000 t)
Length: 32.4 m (106 ft 4 in)
Beam: 175.5 m (575 ft 9 in)
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
Armament: Unarmed
Aircraft carried: None
Aviation facilities: None


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