Don Juan in a Girls' School

Don Juan in a Girls' School (German: Don Juan in der Mädchenschule) is a 1928 German silent comedy film directed by and starring Reinhold Schünzel.[1] It is based on Hans Stürm's play The Unfaithful Eckehart.

Don Juan in a Girls' School
Directed byReinhold Schünzel
Produced byReinhold Schünzel
Written byHeinz Gordon
Hans Stürm (play)
StarringReinhold Schünzel
CinematographyLudwig Lippert
Kurt Wunsch
Reinhold Schünzel Film
Distributed bySüd-Film
Release date
7 September 1928
German intertitles

The film's art direction was by Gustav A. Knauer and Willy Schiller.

Two later film versions were The Unfaithful Eckehart (1931) and The Unfaithful Eckehart (1940).


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