Don Juan (1950 film)

Don Juan is a 1950 Spanish romantic adventure film directed by José Luis Sáenz de Heredia and starring Antonio Vilar, Annabella and María Rosa Salgado. It is based on the legend of Don Juan.[1]

Don Juan
Directed byJosé Luis Sáenz de Heredia
Produced byEduardo de la Fuente
Written byJosé Zorrilla (play)
Tirso de Molina (play)
Carlos Blanco
José Luis Sáenz de Heredia
StarringAntonio Vilar
María Rosa Salgado
Music byManuel Parada
CinematographyAlfredo Fraile
Edited byJulio Peña
Chapalo Films
Distributed byCIFESA
Release date
16 October 1950
Running time
124 minutes

The film's sets were designed by the art director Georges Wakhévitch. It was shot at the Estudios Ballesteros in Madrid.


Following the death of his father, Don Juan returns from Venice to his native Seville. He discovers that in order to receive his inheritance he has to marry a particular woman Doña Iñés.


  • Antonio Vilar as Don Juan
  • Annabella as Lady Ontiveras
  • María Rosa Salgado as Doña Iñés de Ulloa
  • Enrique Guitart as Don Luís Mejía
  • José Ramón Giner as Chuti
  • Santiago Rivero as Don Gonzalo de Ulloa
  • Mario Berriatúa as Hernando
  • Fernando Fernández de Córdoba as Don Félix Calderón
  • Mary Lamar as Condesa de Guadix
  • María Asquerino as Claudina
  • Manolo Morán as Arturo
  • Carlos Agostí as Gitano
  • Honorina Fernández as Ama de Doña Inés
  • Mercedes Castellanos as Isabella
  • Jacinto San Emeterio as Octavio
  • Nicolás D. Perchicot as Fray Cardenio
  • Juan Vázquez as Butarelli
  • Francisco Pierrá as Don Diego Tenorio
  • Beni Deus as Capitán del barco
  • Julia Lajos as Posadera


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