Don Camillo in Moscow

Don Camillo in Moscow (Italian: Il compagno Don Camillo, "Comrade Don Camillo") is a 1965 Italian comedy film directed by Luigi Comencini. It's the fifth and penultimate film in the Don Camillo series.

Il compagno Don Camillo
Directed byLuigi Comencini
Produced byLuigi Comencini
Written byLeo Benvenuti, Piero De Bernardi
Based onDon Camillo
by Giovannino Guareschi
StarringFernandel, Gino Cervi, Gianni Garko, Graziella Granata
Music byAlessandro Cicognini
CinematographyArmando Nannuzzi
Edited byNino Baragli
Distributed bySual Bass
Release date
September 18, 1965
Running time
109 minutes
CountryUnited States


After receiving a tractor as a gift from the kolkhoz of an unnamed Soviet village, communist mayor Peppone plans to twin Brescello with the unnamed town. After some failed attempts to block the major's plan, Don Camillo ultimately tricks Peppone into including him (under a false name and with forged papers) among the Italian communist representatives going on the other side of the iron curtain to attend the twinning ceremonies. Only Peppone and the other comrades from Brescello will know the priest's real identity. During the Russian stay they will face a series of situations that will show them both the political contradictions of Soviet Russia and the normal life of its common people.[1]



1972: In the country of Peppone and Don Camillo, things have changed. First, a new pharmacist arrived, Jole Bognoni whose husband is also a pharmacist and both are communists. The two historical rivals, however, have many other problems. Peppone's son wears long hair according to fashion, he is nicknamed Veleno and he is the head of the "Capelloni" of the Bass. Don Camillo also has a niece, the young Catherine, a French rebellious Frenchwoman who calls herself Cat, diminutive of Caterpillar. Catherine is betrothed with Ringo, band leader of the city Scorpion, rivals of Veleno. She is sent to Italy in the parish of Don Camillo by her mother to be re-educated.

Don Camillo's niece has the family name "Tarocci", the same used by Don Camillo to go to the Soviet Union "incognito" in the previous film. Which suggests that this name would be his real name since Catherine is the daughter of his sister, unless it is the name of his brother-in-law, the father of Catherine.

Don Camillo has a new coadjutor also in parish, Don Francesco sent by the curia after the Council of Vatican II, since the priest still persists to follow the mass according to the old rite. They discuss about social problems.

Don Camillo is transferred to a mountain parish following the curia scandal after Cat's election as Miss Unit of the Italian Communist Party for Unita Day. Don Francesco finally asks the Bishop to be transferred to the mountain parish, since he has a spiritual crisis when he falls in love with Don Camillo's niece, and Don Camillo stays with him. post.

If for Don Camillo it is a blow to see his niece named Miss Unity, also for Peppone they do not miss the difficulties, because of the creation of the Chinese cell on the part of Bognoni after Veleno purged them.

Between Veleno and Cat a love story is born and, after many adventures, they get married. Finally Peppone will manage to maintain his role of communist leader being able to continue thus with Don Camillo their long friendship / rivalry.


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