Dominic Welsh

James Anthony Dominic Welsh (born 29 August 1938)[1][2] is an English mathematician, an emeritus professor of Oxford University's Mathematical Institute. He is an expert in matroid theory,[3] the computational complexity of combinatorial enumeration problems, percolation theory, and cryptography.


Welsh obtained his DPhil from Oxford University under the supervision of John Hammersley.[4] After working as a researcher at Bell Laboratories, he joined the Mathematical Institute in 1963, and became a fellow of Merton College, Oxford in 1966. He chaired the British Combinatorial Committee from 1983 to 1987.[2] Welsh was given a personal chair in 1992, and retired in 2005.[2] He supervised 28 doctoral students.[5]


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Awards and honours

Welsh received an honorary doctorate from the University of Waterloo in 2006.[2]

In 2007, Oxford University press published Combinatorics, Complexity, and Chance: A Tribute to Dominic Welsh, an edited volume of research papers dedicated to Welsh.

The Russo–Seymour–Welsh estimate in percolation theory is partly named after Welsh.


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