Domain Athletic Centre

The Domain Athletic Centre is one of the premier athletics facilities in Tasmania, Australia, and is located on the Queens Domain in the capital city of Hobart. it is home to the Briggs Track Classic the Tasmanian round of the Australian Athletics Tour.

The centre has one major covered grandstand with all seating, changerooms, public toilets, and a kiosk. The centre features low grade lighting most suitable for evening training, but not really up to match standards. There is a carpark with 250 spaces.

It is an Olympic Standard 400 metre oval track with 10 lanes, as well as a straight section for 100 metre sprinting, and 100 metre hurdle races. It also features a steeplechase lane with waterpit, and lanes for long jump, pole vault and dedicated areas for high jump, discus and hammer throwing and the javelin.

The interior of the track is grass, and is regularly used to host football matches for both local schools and Football Federation Tasmania league Association Football (soccer) matches.

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