Dolga Poljana

Dolga Poljana (pronounced [ˈdoːu̯ɡa pɔˈljaːna]) is a village in the Vipava Valley east of Ajdovščina in the Littoral region of Slovenia.[2]

Dolga Poljana
Dolga Poljana
Location in Slovenia
Coordinates: 45°52′33.34″N 13°56′9.37″E
Country Slovenia
Traditional regionLittoral
Statistical regionGorizia
  Total2.31 km2 (0.89 sq mi)
155.8 m (511.2 ft)

Stone arch bridge

A stone arch bridge over the Vipava River links Dolga Poljana to the village of Dolenje. The three-arch bridge was built in the 19th century. It is paved with gravel and is supported by buttresses that are reinforced with groynes on the upstream side. There is a low stone wall on both sides of the bridge, and a shrine with a semi-circular niche once stood at it.[3]


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