DokuWiki is a wiki application licensed under GPLv2 and written in the PHP programming language. It works on plain text files and thus does not need a database. Its syntax is similar to the one used by MediaWiki.[2]

The home page of a default DokuWiki installation
Developer(s)Andreas Gohr, et al.
Stable release
2018-04-22b[1] / 2018-04-22[±]
Operating systemCross-platform
Available inMultilingual (50)
LicenseGNU General Public License


DokuWiki was created by Andreas Gohr in June 2004. In July the first official release was published on Freshmeat (now known as Freecode).[3] A big step in the development was the re-design of the parser and the renderer in January 2005. The new design was a big performance improvement and made DokuWiki usable for bigger documentation projects. It also prepared DokuWiki for an introduction of a generic plugin interface which simplified the development and maintenance of add-ons. A push of the level of awareness was the introduction of DokuWiki in the Linux distributions Debian in April and Gentoo Linux in July 2005.[4][5] Since 2005, it has achieved significant usage.[6][7]

Release history

Version Codename Significant changes
2004-07-04noneInitial DokuWiki release.[8]
2011-05-25cRincewindIPv6 support and metadata index.
2012-01-25cAnguaNew media manager (result of the Google Summer of Code-project); version handling of media files, drag & drop support in media manager to speed up adding new files (only works in Firefox and Chrome).
2012-10-13Adora BelleNew default DokuWiki template with optional sidebar.
2014-05-05ePonder Stibbons
2014-09-29dHrunSingle strings of the localization customizable. New history function to see how a wiki looked at a certain time. Security fix for AD/LDAP auth plugin.
2015-08-10aDetritusNew Style Manager to adjust template variables like colors. The Extension Manager can now remove old files when updating extensions.[9]
2016-06-26aElenor of TsortNew authPDO plugin; authmysql and authpgsql are deprecated. Internet Explorer 8 (and older) no longer supported, workarounds removed. Support for PHP's builtin web server.[9]
2017-02-19cFrusterick MannersNew Admin screen, jQuery 3, PHP 7.1 support and PHP 7.0 bug fixes.[9]
2018-04-22GreeboNew form on search page with more search tools, new command line plugins, new menu system. PHP 7.2 support and improvements for PHP 7.3 support.[9]

Main features

Revision control 
DokuWiki stores all versions of each wiki page, allowing the user to compare the current version with any older version. The difference engine is the same as the one used in MediaWiki. Parallel editing of one page by multiple users is prevented by a locking mechanism.
Access control 
Access control can be handled by a user manager which allows users and groups of users to be defined, and an access control list where an admin user can define permissions on page and namespace level, giving it much better access control than Mediawiki.
DokuWiki has a generic plugin interface which simplifies the process of writing and maintaining plugins. There are ~1000 plugins available.[10] These can be easily integrated and managed by an admin user with the help of the plugin manager.
The appearance of the wiki can be defined by a template. There are various templates[11] provided by the development community.
Internationalization and localization 
DokuWiki supports Unicode (UTF-8), so languages such as Chinese, Thai, and Hebrew can be displayed. DokuWiki can be configured in about 40 languages.
DokuWiki stores the rendered output of parsed wiki pages to reduce server load.
Full text search 
DokuWiki has an integrated indexed search with which a user can search for keywords on the wiki.
with Release 2012-10-13 "Adora Belle", DokuWiki is HTML5 compliant[12]

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