Doctor of Missiology

The Doctor of Missiology (abbreviated DMiss or D.Miss.) is a doctoral degree in the field of missiology.

North America

The Doctor of Missiology (DMiss) is an advanced theological degree offered by a number of universities, divinity schools, and seminaries.[1] The Association of Theological Schools classifies the Doctor of Missiology as an "Advanced Program Oriented Toward Ministerial Leadership".[2] Admission to DMiss programs requires possession of an appropriate master's degree (such as the Master of Divinity) and also requires prior professional experience as a Christian missionary or minister. [2] Though questions about the viability of the DMiss have been raised as it has been outpaced in offering institutions by the Doctor of Ministry[3] it continues to be successfully offered by prominent theological schools such as Fuller Theological Seminary[4] and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.[5]

DMiss students are required to complete a doctoral project, thesis, or dissertation and "demonstrate an advanced competency in the practice of ministry; give evidence of being informed by analytic, ministerial, and disciplinary research; and show the integration of these areas of advanced knowledge with opportunities for growth in one’s ministerial capacity and spiritual maturity."[2] Though not strictly intended to prepare one to serve as a faculty person in undergraduate or graduate programs it can be used as an academic qualification for the instruction of missiology or evangelism.[6]


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