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Doctor Who Adventures is a magazine based on the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who. It was published by Immediate Media Company and aimed at 6 to 13-year-olds, a younger demographic to the Doctor Who Magazine readership - but with the April 2015 issue, and a reboot issue Number 1 the magazine passed to being published by Panini Comics. Initially published every fortnight, from 2008 it was published weekly. Then in May 2013 it went back to being published every fortnight and subscriptions were discontinued due to profit loss. From 2014 it went to being published monthly, changing to bi-monthly in late 2016. On 19 June 2017, Panini Comics confirmed that publication of the magazine was to be paused after publication of its 24th edition,[2] however, a special one-off edition was released in January 2019.

Doctor Who Adventures
Doctor Who Adventures #1, cover dated 5 April 2006
EditorJason Quinn (2015–present)
Moray Laing (2006–2010, 2013–2015)
Natalie Barnes (2011–2013)
CategoriesScience fiction television
FrequencyEvery other month (2016–2017)
Every month (2014–2016)
Every fortnight (2006–2008, 2013–2014)
Every week (2008–2013)
Special (2019)
Total circulation
(July–December 2016)
First issue5 April 2006 (363 issues in the original run up to March 2015, 24 issues in the Panini run, up to June 2017)
CompanyPanini Comics
CountryUnited Kingdom


Doctor Who Adventures was first published as a fortnightly magazine on 5 April 2006, featuring fact files, puzzles, makes, news guides and more. The regular price for issues 1–33 was £1.99, rising to £2.10 from issue 34. Issue 45, a special "long-read" edition, was £2.99. From issue 47 the magazine became weekly. Doctor Who Adventures is the alternative to Doctor Who Magazine and is aimed at a younger audience,


From issues 1–12 the heading had the Doctor Who logo in a transparent white with the word Adventures in writing filled with the colors from the official Doctor Who logo. Since then, the official Doctor Who logo was used, with the word Adventures being in various colors each issue. From April 2010 the design changed to fit around the newest Doctor (Matt Smith) and the 2010 series occupying it, and featured the new logo. The design then changed a third time from April 2011 to fit around the 2011 Series. The design was changed a fourth time from March 2013 to fit around the 2013 Series, The design then changed for a fifth time from January 2019 to fit around the 2018 Series,

Regular Features (From Issue 313 to 363)

  • Contents - these are pages 2–3 and include a welcome from The Doctor, a contents of what is in the Issue and a "Monster Watch" at the side.
  • This Week/Who News - these are pages 4–5 and include secrets about the newest episode/ latest news of Doctor Who.
  • Facts - these are pages 6–7 and include facts about a specific Monster, Alien, Gadget or Human.
  • Puzzles - these are pages 8–9 and include lots of different puzzles to be solved.
  • Letters (Doctor, Doctor/Monster Mail) - these are pages 10–11 and include letters to The Doctor from the readers. At the side of page 11 there is a section called Monster Mail which has letters to a different Monster each week.
  • Competitions - these are pages 12–13 and include lots of different competitions which have lots of different prizes to be won.
  • Alien Babies - this is page 14 and is a one-page comic strip about a nursery run by Dorium Maldova which alien babies go to. (See below for a list of "Alien Babies" Characters).
  • Whoniverse Collection - these are pages 15–16 and come in different parts (one in each issue) and make a mini mag when all parts have been collected.
  • Advertisement - this is no longer included.
  • Poster - this is the middle pages (pages 18–19) and is different Each issue.
  • Puzzles - this is a single page (page 20) with just one puzzle on it.
  • Comic Strip - this is pages 21–24 and is a different story each week. (See below for a complete list of comic doctors and Companions.
  • Fun - this is a single page (page 25) and has a different make each week.
  • LOLS! - this is a single page (page 26) and has jokes and funny made up story's about monsters.
  • The Doctor's Guide To The Galaxy! - this is a single page (page 27) in which The Doctor gives the reader information about a certain planet.
  • Behind The Scenes - these are pages 28–29 and tell the reader about how the producers made a monster, set, prop etc.
  • Where's The Doctor? - these are pages 30–31 and is a Where's Wally? type activity where you have to find The Doctor and his friends and aliens.
  • Letters (You Who) - these are pages 32–33 and contains letters that have been sent in by the reader. The best send in (Doctor's Pick) each week wins a prize.
  • Poster 2 - this is a single pages poster on page 34.
  • Next Time - This is the final page of the magazine (page 35) and tells the reader what is in the next issue and when it is out.

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