Doc's da Name 2000

Doc's da Name 2000 is the fourth studio album by American rapper Redman.[8] The album was released on Def Jam Recordings on December 8, 1998. It was a top seller, initially shipping platinum in sales and reaching platinum sales in less than two months. It peaked at #3 on the Billboard 200.

Doc's Da Name 2000
Studio album by
ReleasedDecember 8, 1998
GenreHip hop
LabelDef Jam Recordings
Redman chronology
El Niño
Doc's Da Name 2000
Singles from Doc's Da Name 2000
  1. "I'll Bee Dat!"
    Released: October 8, 1998
  2. "Da Goodness"
    Released: 1999
  3. "Let Da Monkey Out"
    Released: 1999
Professional ratings
Review scores
Christgau's Consumer GuideA−[2]
Encyclopedia of Popular Music[3]
Los Angeles Times[4]
Rolling Stone[7]

The song "Let Da Monkey Out" was featured in the 2005 film Syriana.[9]

Track listing

1."Welcome 2 Da Bricks"Reginald NobleReggie Noble1:55
2."Let Da Monkey Out"NobleErick Sermon3:35
3."I'll Bee Dat!"NobleRockwilder4:34
4."Get It Live"NobleErick Sermon3:26
5."Who Took Da Satellite Van? (Skit)"  0:46
6."Jersey Yo!"Noble
  • Reggie Noble
  • Gov Mattic
7."Cloze Ya Doorz" (featuring Diezzel Don, Double-O, Gov Mattic, Roz and Young Zee)NobleErick Sermon3:59
8."I Don't Kare" 
  • Erick Sermon
  • Reggie Noble
9."Boodah Break" Erick Sermon2:17
10."Million Chicken March (2 Hot 4 TV) (Skit)"  1:21
11."Keep On '99" Erick Sermon4:30
12."Well All Rite Cha" (featuring Method Man) Erick Sermon4:15
13."Pain In Da *** Stewardess (Skit)"  2:05
14."Da Goodness" (featuring Busta Rhymes) Reggie Noble4:10
15."My Zone!" (featuring Markie (aka Mr. Cream)[10]) Reggie Noble2:54
16."Da Da DaHHH" Erick Sermon4:07
17."G.P.N. (Skit)"  2:07
18."Down South Funk" (featuring Erick Sermon and Keith Murray) Erick Sermon3:51
19."D.O.G.S." Erick Sermon3:51
20."Beet Drop" Reggie Noble1:18
21."We Got Da Satellite Van! (Skit)"  0:56
22."Brick City Mashin'!" Erick Sermon3:10
23."Soopaman Lova IV" (featuring Dave Hollister) Reggie Noble2:33
24."I Got a Seecret" Roni Size3:43


Welcome 2 Da Bricks

Let Da Monkey Out

Get It Live

Jersey Yo!

I Don't Kare

Boodah Break

Keep On '99

  • "Can't Run, Can't Hide" by Ray J
  • "She Swallowed It" by N.W.A

Da Goodness

My Zone!

Da Da Dahhh

Down South Funk


Brick City Mashin'!

  • "Genius of Love" by Tom Tom Club
  • "Triple Threat" by Z-3 MC's

Soopaman Lova IV

I Got a Seecret

  • "Around the World" by Attilio Mineo


Year Album Chart positions
Billboard 200 Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums
1998 Doc's da Name 2000 3 1

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