Dobec (pronounced [ˈdoːbəts]) is a small village in the hills north of Begunje in the Municipality of Cerknica in the Inner Carniola region of Slovenia.[2]

Location in Slovenia
Coordinates: 45°50′53.01″N 14°21′47.85″E
Country Slovenia
Traditional regionInner Carniola
Statistical regionLittoral–Inner Carniola
  Total18.7 km2 (7.2 sq mi)
700.3 m (2,297.6 ft)
  Density4/km2 (10/sq mi)


Dobec was first mentioned in 1262, and again in 1292, as a property belonging to the Carthusian monastery in Bistra.[3][4]

In June 2005, part of the settlement ceded from Dobec and merged with the settlement of Pokojišče in the Municipality of Vrhnika.

Mass graves

Dobec is the site of three known mass graves associated with the Second World War. Two are located northwest of the settlement in the Ravnik Valley. The Mihec Shaft Mass Grave (Slovene: Grobišče Mihcovo brezno) is also known as the Matjaž Shaft Mass Grave (Grobišče Matjaževo brezno). It is believed to have contained the remains of three locals that were murdered because of their opposition to the Yugoslav Partisan movement. The local villagers removed the remains before May 1991.[5] The Vodišek Shaft Mass Grave (Grobišče Vodiško brezno) is 20 m deep, with its entrance at the bottom of a sinkhole. Human remains are located on two shelves in the shaft and the floor of the shaft. The victims were people from nearby villages that were ambushed and murdered.[6] The Cukala Shaft Mass Grave (Grobišče Cukalovo brezno) is located north of the settlement, about 2 km west of the village of Pokojišče. It contains the remains of undetermined victims; spelunkers found a human skull in the cave.[7]


The local church, built outside the settlement to the north, is dedicated to Saint Leonard and belongs to the Parish of Begunje pri Cerknici.[8] The church was first recorded in written sources in 1322.[3]


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