Djinba people

The Djinba are an indigenous Australian Yolngu people of the Northern Territory.


Their endonym Djinba comes from their word for the demonstrative pronoun 'this'.[1] The two moieties are (a) Ganalbingu (Ganhalpuyngu) and (b) Mandjalpingu (Manydjalpuyngu).[2]


Djinba is one of the Yolŋu languages, and its closest relationship is to Djinang with which it is about 60% cognate.[3]


The Djinba were inlanders whose territory has been estimated to extend over some 1,200 square miles (3,100 km2), running south from the Arafura Swamp's northern margin to the upper Goyder River.[1] The Djinang lie to their north-west, the Rembarrnga directly west, while to their south were the Ngandi and Diakui people (Ritharrngu) tribes.

Social organisation

Norman Tindale claimed that the Djinba were the most northerly tribe in eastern Arnhem Land to retain the standard Australian tribal structure, meaning they were divided into Dua and Jiritja clans.[1]

Alternative names

  • Jinba.
  • Outjanbah.[1]



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