Division of St George

The Division of St George was an Australian Electoral Division in the state of New South Wales. It was located in the southern suburbs of Sydney, and covered the suburbs of Hurstville, Rockdale and Arncliffe.

St George
Australian House of Representatives Division
NamesakeSt George

The Division was named after the Sydney district of St George. It was proclaimed at the redistribution of 11 May 1949. For most of its existence, it was a marginal seat that frequently changed hands between the Labor Party and the Liberal Party. Unlike some marginal seats, it was not considered a barometer for winning government; of its seven members (two of which held it on separate stints), four spent at least one term in opposition.

At the redistribution of 31 January 1992, it was abolished and replaced by the Division of Watson, named after Hon. Chris Watson, the first Labor Prime Minister of Australia.


Image Member Party Term Notes
  Bill Graham
Liberal 10 December 1949
29 May 1954
Lost seat
  Nelson Lemmon
Labor 29 May 1954
10 December 1955
Previously held the Division of Forrest. Lost seat
  Bill Graham
Liberal 10 December 1955
22 November 1958
Lost seat. Later elected to the Division of North Sydney in 1966
  Lionel Clay
Labor 22 November 1958
30 November 1963
Lost seat
  Len Bosman
Liberal 30 November 1963
25 October 1969
Lost seat
  Bill Morrison
Labor 25 October 1969
13 December 1975
Served as minister under Whitlam. Lost seat
  Maurice Neil
Liberal 13 December 1975
18 October 1980
Lost seat
  Bill Morrison
Labor 18 October 1980
26 October 1984
  Stephen Dubois
Labor 1 December 1984
8 February 1993
Retired after St George was abolished in 1993

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