Division of Murray

The Division of Murray was an Australian Electoral Division in the state of Victoria. It was located in the north of the state, adjoining the Murray River, which forms Victoria's border with New South Wales. It included the towns of Shepparton, Echuca, Cobram, Yarrawonga, Boort and Bridgewater. In 2018 the division was renamed the Division of Nicholls, coming into effect at the 2019 federal election.

Australian House of Representatives Division
Division of Murray in Victoria, as of the 2016 federal election.
NamesakeMurray River
Electors104,359 (2016)
Area16,229 km2 (6,266.1 sq mi)


The Division was proclaimed at the redistribution of 11 May 1949, and was first contested at the 1949 election. It was named after the Murray River, which itself was named after British Secretary of State for War and the Colonies Sir George Murray. It was first held by John McEwen, who briefly served as Prime Minister after the disappearance of Harold Holt, and subsequently became the inaugural Deputy Prime Minister under John Gorton. His successor in the seat, Bruce Lloyd, went on to serve as Deputy Nationals Leader to three successive leaders - Ian Sinclair, Charles Blunt and Tim Fischer.

Murray has been in the hands of either the Liberal or National parties for its entire existence. It is currently the third-safest coalition-held seat in Australia, with a 20-point swing required for Labor to win it.

In 2018 the division was renamed the Division of Nicholls, coming into effect at the 2019 federal election.


Image Member Party Term Notes
  John McEwen
Country 10 December 1949
1 February 1971
Previously held the Division of Indi. Served as minister under Menzies, Holt and Gorton. Served as Prime Minister from 1967 to 1968. Served as Deputy Prime Minister under Gorton. Resigned in order to retire from politics
  Bruce Lloyd
Country/National Country/Nationals 20 March 1971
29 January 1996
  Sharman Stone
Liberal 2 March 1996
9 May 2016
Served as minister under Howard. Retired
  Damian Drum
Nationals 2 July 2016
11 April 2019
Previously a member of the Victorian Legislative Council. Transferred to the Division of Nicholls after Murray was abolished in 2019

Election results

2016 Australian federal election: Murray[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
National Damian Drum 31,105 35.34 +35.34
Liberal Duncan McGauchie 28,194 32.03 −29.38
Labor Alan Williams 13,188 14.98 −5.76
Greens Ian Christoe 3,880 4.41 +0.48
Country Robert Danieli 3,556 4.04 +4.04
Independent Fern Summer 3,323 3.78 +3.78
Independent Andrew Bock 1,467 1.67 +1.67
Rise Up Australia Yasmin Gunasekera 1,195 1.36 +0.73
Independent Diane Teasdale 1,037 1.18 +1.18
Independent Nigel Hicks 844 0.96 +0.96
CEC Jeff Davy 227 0.26 −0.10
Total formal votes 88,016 91.16 −2.51
Informal votes 8,530 8.84 +2.51
Turnout 96,546 92.51 −2.04
Two-party-preferred result
Liberal Duncan McGauchie 65,920 74.90 +4.03
Labor Alan Williams 22,096 25.10 −4.03
Two-candidate-preferred result
National Damian Drum 48,527 55.13 +55.13
Liberal Duncan McGauchie 39,489 44.87 −26.00
National gain from Liberal Swing N/A


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