Division of Henty

The Division of Henty was an Australian Electoral Division in Victoria. The division was created in 1913 and abolished in 1990. It was named for the Henty family of Portland, the first European settlers in Victoria. It was located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, including at various times Brighton, Caulfield, Malvern and Oakleigh. For most of its history it was a safe seat for the Liberal Party and its predecessors. A 1969 redistribution cut the seat back to the Oakleigh area, and from then on it was somewhat more marginal. In 1974 it elected Joan Child, the first female Labor member of the House of Representatives and the first female Speaker.

Australian House of Representatives Division
NamesakeHenty family


Image Member Party Term Notes
  James Boyd
Commonwealth Liberal 31 May 1913
17 February 1917
Previously held the Victorian Legislative Assembly seat of Melbourne. Lost seat
  Nationalist 17 February 1917 –
13 December 1919
  Frederick Francis
Independent Nationalist 13 December 1919
  Nationalist 1922 –
3 October 1925
  (Sir) Henry Gullett
Nationalist 14 November 1925
7 May 1931
Served as minister under Bruce, Lyons, Page and Menzies. Died in office. Son was Jo Gullett
  United Australia 7 May 1931 –
13 August 1940
  Arthur Coles
Independent 21 September 1940
12 February 1946
Resigned in order to retire from politics
  Jo Gullett
Liberal 30 March 1946
4 November 1955
Served as Chief Government Whip in the House under Menzies. Retired. Father was Sir Henry Gullett
  Max Fox
Liberal 10 December 1955
18 May 1974
Served as Chief Government Whip in the House under Gorton and McMahon. Lost seat
  Joan Child
Labor 18 May 1974
13 December 1975
Lost seat
  Ken Aldred
Liberal 13 December 1975
18 October 1980
Lost seat. Later elected to the Division of Bruce in 1983
  Joan Child
Labor 18 October 1980
19 February 1990
Served as Speaker during the Hawke Government. Retired after Henty was abolished in 1990

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