Diving at the 2003 Summer Universiade

The Diving competition in the 2003 Summer Universiade were held in Daegu, South Korea.

Medal overview

Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
1 metre Springboard  Wang Feng (CHN)  Wang Tianling (CHN)  Tobias Schellenberg (GER)
3 metre Springboard  Wang Tianling (CHN)  Wang Kenan (CHN)  Ken Terauchi (JPN)
10 metre Platform  Tian Liang (CHN)  Hu Jia (CHN)  Choe Hyung-Gil (PRK)
Synchronized Springboard  Peng Bo & Wang Kenan (CHN)  Jorge Martínez & Omar Ojeda (MEX)  Massimiliano Mazzucchi & Christopher Sacchin (ITA)
Synchronized Platform  Tian Liang & Yang Jinghui (CHN)  Pak Yong-Ryong & Choe Hyong-Gil (PRK)  Cho Kwan-Hoon & Kwon Kyung-Min (KOR)
Team Trophy  China (CHN)  Mexico (MEX)  South Korea (KOR)

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
1 metre Springboard  Wu Minxia (CHN)  Guo Jingjing (CHN)  Natalya Umyskova (RUS)
3 metre Springboard  Wu Minxia (CHN)  Guo Jingjing (CHN)  Ditte Kotzian (GER)
10 metre Platform  Li Na (CHN)  Zhang Jun (CHN)  Sara Hildebrand (USA)
Synchronized Springboard  Wu Minxia & Guo Jingjing (CHN)  Ditte Kotzian & Conny Schmalfuss (GER)  Cassandra Cardinell & Sara Hildebrand (USA)
Synchronized Platform  Zhang Jun & Sun Na (CHN)  Chon Hyon-Ju & Kim Gyung-Ju (PRK)  Cassandra Cardinell & Sara Hildebrand (USA)
Team Trophy  China (CHN)  United States (USA)  North Korea (PRK)

Medal table

  *   Host nation (South Korea)

1 China126018
2 North Korea0224
3 Mexico0202
4 United States0134
5 Germany0123
6 South Korea*0022
7 Italy0011
Totals (9 nations)12121236


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