Diving at the 1920 Summer Olympics – Men's plain high diving

The men's plain high diving was one of five diving events on the diving at the 1920 Summer Olympics programme. The competition was held on Monday, August 22, Tuesday, August 23, and on Thursday, August 25, 1920.

Men's plain high diving
at the Games of the VII Olympiad
VenueStade Nautique d'Antwerp
DatesAugust 22–25
Competitors22 from 11 nations
Arvid Wallman  Sweden
Nils Skoglund  Sweden
John Jansson  Sweden

Twenty-two divers from eleven nations competed.


First round

The three divers who scored the smallest number of points in each group of the first round advanced to the final.

Group 1

1 Nils Skoglund (SWE)10153.0
2 Herold Jansson (DEN)13152.0
3 Fernand Sauvage (BEL)17145.5
4 Albert Dickin (GBR)17140.5
5 Sigvard Andersen (NOR)21139.0
6 Richard Beauchamp (USA)23135.0
7 Guglielmo De Sanctis (ITA)3398.0

Group 2

1 Arvid Wallman (SWE)8175.5
2 Erik Adlerz (SWE)11177.0
3 Adolfo Wellisch (BRA)14162.0
4 Kalle Kainuvaara (FIN)15160.0
5 Clyde Swendsen (USA)25148.0
6 Frank Mullen (USA)27144.0
7 Richard Flint (CAN)34126.0
8 Masaren Uchida (JPN)4094.0

Group 3

1 John Jansson (SWE)8171.5
2 Harold Clarke (GBR)10164.5
3 Yrjö Valkama (FIN)14157.0
4 Harry Prieste (USA)18149.5
5 Svend Sørensen (DEN)27137.0
6 Bernhard Dahl (NOR)28136.5
7 Joseph De Sonay (BEL)35129.0


 Arvid Wallman (SWE)7183.5
 Nils Skoglund (SWE)8183.0
 John Jansson (SWE)16175.0
4 Erik Adlerz (SWE)19173.0
5 Yrjö Valkama (FIN)23167.5
6 Herold Jansson (DEN)27159.0
7 Fernand Sauvage (BEL)34148.5
8 Adolfo Wellisch (BRA)37153.0
9 Harold Clarke (GBR)40142.0


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