Diving at the 1912 Summer Olympics – Men's plain high diving

The men's plain high diving was one of four diving events on the diving at the 1912 Summer Olympics programme. The competition was held on Saturday July 6, 1912, on Sunday July 7, 1912, and on Thursday July 11, 1912.

Men's plain high diving
at the Games of the V Olympiad
VenueStockholm Olympic Stadium
DatesJuly 6–11
Competitors31 from 9 nations
Erik Adlerz  Sweden
Hjalmar Johansson  Sweden
John Jansson  Sweden

Thirty-one divers from nine nations competed.


The competition was actually held from both 10 metre and 5 metre platforms. Divers performed a total of five dives: a standing dive and two running dives from the 10 metre platform, and a standing dive and a running dive from the 5 metre platform. Five judges scored each diver, giving two results. Each judge gave an ordinal placing for each diver in a group, with the five scores being summed to give a total ordinal points score. The judges also gave scores more closely resembling the modern scoring system.

First round

The divers who scored the smallest number of points in each group of the first round plus the four best scoring non-qualified divers of all groups advanced to the final. Ordinal placings were used to rank divers within the group, but were not used to determine qualification.

Group 1

1 Paul Günther (GER)836.1
2 Torsten Eriksson (SWE)1135.8
3 Tauno Ilmoniemi (FIN)1335.0
4 Alfred Johansson (SWE)1434.7
5 Nils Tvedt (NOR)2531.7
6 Elis Holmer (SWE)3130.2
7 Sigvard Andersen (NOR)3228.6
- Viktor Baranov (RUS)-DNF

Group 2

1 John Jansson (SWE)538.3
2 George Gaidzik (USA)1336.2
3 George Yvon (GBR)1735.2
4 Gunnar Ekstrand (SWE)1835.3
5 Arthur McAleenan (USA)2034.9
6 Carlo Bonfanti (ITA)3228.5
7 Alfred Engelsen (NOR)3328.3

Group 3

1 Hjalmar Johansson (SWE)740.1
2 Toivo Aro (FIN)1039.4
3 Axel Runström (SWE)1538.3
4 Ernst Brandsten (SWE)1937.7
5 Viktor Crondahl (SWE)2237.0
6 Hans Luber (GER)2736.2
7 Kurt Behrens (GER)3135.1
8 John P. Lyons (CAN)4032.5
9 Jens Stefenson (SWE)4431.2

Group 4

1 Erik Adlerz (SWE)539.9
2 Oskar Wetzell (FIN)1333.8
3 Kalle Kainuvaara (FIN)1433.2
4 Albert Nyman (FIN)2132.0
5 Leo Suni (FIN)2232.1
6 Albert Zürner (GER)2631.7
7 Sven Montan (SWE)3130.2


In the final, ordinal placings were the primary ranking method with dive scores being used only to break ties.

 Erik Adlerz (SWE)740.0
 Hjalmar Johansson (SWE)1239.3
 John Jansson (SWE)1239.1
4 Viktor Crondahl (SWE)2237.1
5 Toivo Aro (FIN)2636.3
6 Axel Runström (SWE)2636.0
7 Ernst Brandsten (SWE)2836.2
- Paul Günther (GER)-DNF


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