Diversity, diversify, or diverse may refer to:



  • Diversity (journal), an academic journal published by MDPI
  • Diversity (politics), the political and social policy of encouraging tolerance for people of different cultural and racial backgrounds
  • Diversity Immigrant Visa or Green Card Lottery, a United States immigration program
  • Diversity jurisdiction, a concept under which U.S. federal courts can hear suits between parties from different states
  • Diversity training, the process of educating people to function in a diverse environment
  • Cultural diversity, the respect of different cultures and interculturality
  • Functional diversity (disability), a term for special needs, disability, impairment and handicap
  • Gerodiversity, a multicultural approach to issues of aging
  • Multiculturalism, or ethnic diversity, the promotion of multiple ethnic cultures
  • Neurodiversity, a movement in support of civil rights of people with atypical neurological characteristics



  • Diversity combining, the combining of multiple received signals into a single improved signal
  • Diversity gain, the increase in signal-to-interference ratio due to a diversity scheme
  • Diversity scheme, a method for improving reliability of a message signal by using multiple communications channels
  • Antenna diversity or space diversity, a method of wireless communication that use two or more antennas to improve reliability
  • Cooperative diversity, a multiple antenna technique for improving or maximising total network channel capacities
  • Site diversity, multiple receivers for satellite communication
  • Time diversity, a technique used in digital communication systems
  • Transmit diversity, wireless communication using signals originating from two or more independent sources

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