Districts of Uzbekistan

The regions of Uzbekistan are divided into districts (tuman). The districts are listed by region, in the general direction from west to east. Names often transliterated from Russian.

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District nameDistrict capital
1Amudaryo DistrictMang‘it
2Beruniy DistrictBeruniy
3Chimboy DistrictChimboy
4Ellikqala DistrictBo‘ston
5Kegeyli District*Kegeyli
6Mo‘ynoq DistrictMo‘ynoq
7Nukus DistrictOqmang‘it
8Qonliko‘l DistrictQanliko‘l
9Qo‘ng‘irot DistrictQo‘ng‘irot
10Qorao‘zak DistrictQorao‘zak
11Shumanay DistrictShumanay
12Taxtako‘pir DistrictTaxtako‘pir
13To‘rtko‘l DistrictTo'rtko'l
14Xo‘jayli DistrictXo‘jayli

*Kegeyli district was created in 2004 by the merger of former Bozatau district (the northern part of district 5 on the map) and former Kegeyli district (the south-eastern part of district 5). This merger was effected by Resolution 598-II of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan (11 February 2004) and Resolution 225 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan (11 May 2004), which abolished Bozatau district and created the enlarged Kegeyli district. Prior to that date, there were 15 districts in Karakalpakstan. See Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and Karakalpakstan on gov.uz.


KeyDistrict nameDistrict capital
1Bog‘ot DistrictBog‘ot
2Gurlen DistrictGurlen
3Xonqa DistrictXonqa
4Hazorasp DistrictHazorasp
5Khiva DistrictKhiva
6Qo‘shko‘pir DistrictQo‘shko‘pir
7Shovot DistrictShovot
8Urganch DistrictQorovul
9Yangiariq DistrictYangiariq
10Yangibozor DistrictYangibozor
KeyDistrict nameDistrict capital
1Kanimekh DistrictKanimekh
2Navoiy DistrictKarmana
3Kyzyltepa DistrictKyzyltepa
4Khatyrchi DistrictYangirabad
5Navbakhor DistrictBeshrabot
6Nurata DistrictNurata
7Tamdy DistrictTamdibulok
8Uchkuduk DistrictUchkuduk


KeyDistrict nameDistrict capital
1Alat DistrictAlat
2Bukhara DistrictGalaasiya
3Gijduvan DistrictGijduvan
4Jondor DistrictJondor
5Kagan DistrictKagan
6Karakul DistrictQorako‘l
7Karaulbazar DistrictKaraulbazar
8Peshku DistrictYangibazar
9Romitan DistrictRomitan
10Shafirkan DistrictShafirkan
11Vabkent DistrictVabkent


District nameDistrict capital
1Bulungur DistrictBulungur
2Ishtikhon DistrictIshtikhon
3Jomboy DistrictJomboy
4Kattakurgan DistrictPaishanba
5Koshrabot DistrictKoshrabot
6Narpay DistrictOqtosh
7Nurobod DistrictNurobod
8Oqdarya DistrictLaish
9Pakhtachi DistrictZiadin
10Payariq DistrictPayariq
11Pastdargom DistrictJuma
12Samarqand DistrictGulabad
13Toyloq DistrictToyloq
14Urgut DistrictUrgut

Latinization of district names according to Samarqand regional web site on gov.uz


District nameDistrict capital
1Chirakchi District (Chiroqchi)Chirakchi
2Dehkanabad DistrictKarashina
3Guzar DistrictGuzar
4Kamashi DistrictKamashi
5Karshi DistrictBeshkent
6Koson DistrictKoson
7Kasby DistrictMuglan
8Kitob DistrictKitab
9Myrishkor DistrictYangi-Mirishkor
10Muborak DistrictMuborak
11Nishon DistrictYangi-Nishon
12Shakhrisabz DistrictShahrisabz
13Yakkabog DistrictYakkabog

Latinization of district names according to Qashqadaryo Region web site on gov.uz


District nameDistrict capital
1Angor DistrictAngor
2Bandixon DistrictBandixon
3Boysun DistrictBoysun
4Denov DistrictDenov (Denau)
5Jarkurghon DistrictJarkurghon
6Kizirik DistrictSariq
7Kumkurghon DistrictKumkurghon
8Muzrabot DistrictKhalkobod (Khalkabad)
9Oltinsoy DistrictQarluq
10Sariosiyo DistrictSariosiyo
11Sherobod DistrictSherobod (Shirabad)
12Shurchi DistrictShurchi
13Termiz DistrictUchkhizil
14Uzun DistrictUzun

Bandikhon and Kizirik Districts was merged in December 2010


KeyDistrict nameDistrict capital
1Arnasay DistrictGoliblar
2Bakhmal DistrictUsmat
3Dustlik DistrictDustlik
4Forish DistrictYangikishlok
5Gallaorol DistrictGallorol
6Jizzakh DistrictUchtepa
7Mirzachul DistrictGagarin
8Pakhtakor DistrictPakhtakor
9Yangiabad DistrictBalandchakir
10Zaamin DistrictZaamin
11Zafarobod DistrictZafarobod
12Zarbdar DistrictZarbdar


KeyDistrict nameDistrict capital
1Akaltyn DistrictSardoba
2Bayaut DistrictBayaut
3Gulistan DistrictDehkonobod
4Khavast DistrictKhavast
5Mirzaabad DistrictNavruz
6Saikhunabad DistrictSaikhun
7Sardoba DistrictPakhtaabad
8Sirdaryo DistrictSirdaryo


District nameDistrict capital
1Bekabad DistrictZafar
2Bostanliq DistrictGazalkent
3Buka DistrictBuka
4Chinaz DistrictChinaz
5Qibray DistrictQibray
6Okhangaron DistrictOkhangaron
7Oqqurgan DistrictOqqurgan
8Parkent DistrictParkent
9Piskent DistrictPiskent
10Quyi Chirchiq DistrictDustobod
11Orta Chirchiq DistrictToytepa
12Yangiyol DistrictGulbakhor
13Yukori Chirchiq DistrictYangibozor
14Zangiata DistrictKeles

Toshkent and Zangiota Districts was merged in August 2010

Latinization of district names according to Tashkent regional web site on gov.uz


KeyDistrict nameDistrict capital
1Chartak DistrictChartak
2Chust DistrictChust
3Kasansay DistrictKasansay
4Mingbulak DistrictJumashuy
5Namangan DistrictTashbulak
6Naryn DistrictKhakkulabad
7Pap DistrictPap
8Turakurgan DistrictTurakurgan
9Uchkurgan DistrictUchkurgan
10Uychi DistrictUychi
11Yangikurgan DistrictYangikurgan


District nameDistrict capital
1Altyariq DistrictAltyariq
2Baghdad DistrictBaghdad
3Beshariq DistrictBeshariq
4Buvayda DistrictIbrat
5Dangara DistrictDangara
6Fergana DistrictVadil
7Furqat DistrictNavbakhor
8Qo'shtepa DistrictLangar
9Quva DistrictQuva
10Rishton DistrictRishton
11Sokh DistrictRavan
12Tashlaq DistrictTashlaq
13Uchkuprik DistrictUchkuprik
14Uzbekistan DistrictYaypan
15Yozyovon DistrictYozyovon

Ohunboboev District was renamed to Qo'shtepa District in August 2010.

Latinization of district names according to Fergana regional web site on gov.uz


District nameDistrict capital
1Andijan DistrictKuyganyar
2Asaka DistrictAsaka
3Baliqchi DistrictBaliqchi
4Boz DistrictBoz
5Buloqboshi DistrictBuloqboshi
6Izboskan DistrictPaytug
7Jalalkuduk DistrictAkhunbabaev
8Khodjaobad DistrictKhodjaobad
9Kurgontepa DistrictKurgontepa
10Marhamat DistrictMarhamat
11Oltinkol DistrictOltinkol
12Pakhtaabad DistrictPakhtaabad
13Shakhrihon DistrictShakhrihon
14Ulugnor DistrictOkoltin

Latinization of district names according to Andijan regional web site on gov.uz

Source: Administrative-Territorial Division of the Republic of Uzbekistan, map, State Committee on Land Resources, Geodesy, Cartography, and State Cadastre, Tashkent, 2007.

Tashkent City

Nr District Population
1 Bektemir 27,500 20.5 1,341
2 Chilanzar 217,000 30.0 7,233
3 Hamza 204,800 33.7 6,077
4 Mirobod 122,700 17.1 7,175
5 Mirzo Ulugbek 245,200 31.9 7,687
6 Sergeli 149,000 56.0 2,661
7 Shaykhontohur 285,800 27.2 10,507
8 Olmazar 305,400 34.5 8,852
9 Uchtepa 237,000 28.2 8,404
10 Yakkasaray 115,200 14.6 7,890
11 Yunusabad 296,700 41.1 7,219


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