Districts of Turku

The city of Turku, Finland is divided into nine wards (see Wards of Turku), which in turn are divided into 78 non-governmental districts (kaupunginosat in Finnish, stadsdelar in Swedish). These are composed of individual suburbs, and in the very centre of the city, sectors of the central business district are identified by Roman numerals. This is a list of the districts in Turku in alphabetical order, grouped by wards.

The names are given first in Finnish, and then in Swedish (if applicable) in brackets. For districts that have an English name, it is given first with other languages following. When a district is divided between two or three wards, it is listed under each and this is indicated by a footnote.

City Centre (Ward 1)

Hirvensalo-Kakskerta (Ward 2)

Uittamo-Skanssi (Ward 3)

Itäharju-Varissuo (Ward 4)

Koroinen (Ward 5)

Tampereentie (Ward 6)

Kuninkoja (Ward 7)

Naantalintie (Ward 8)

Maaria-Paattinen (Ward 9)


  • ^1 The districts of Kähäri and Vätti are divided between City Centre and Kuninkoja.
  • ^2 The district of Pihlajaniemi is divided between City Centre and Uittamo-Skanssi.
  • ^3 The district of Pitkämäki is divided between City Centre, Kuninkoja and Naantalintie.
  • ^4 The district of Raunistula is divided between City Centre and Tampereentie.
  • ^5 The district of Nummi is divided between Itäharju-Varissuo and Koroinen.
  • ^6 The district of Runosmäki is divided between Tampereentie and Kuninkoja.

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