District Captaincy (Austria)

The district captaincy (German: Bezirkshauptmannschaft, often officially translated as district authority or district commission) is a local administrative organ in Austria.


District captaincies were first introduced by Franz Joseph I. in 1849.[1] In their current form they were formed nearly 20 years later, in 1868, in a decree that stated that every province had to be divided into political subdivisions – districts – of which each is headed by a district captain (Bezirkshauptmann or Bezirkshauptfrau, pl. Bezirkshauptleute).[2]


The district captaincy is the representative organ of the state administration, and through that of the national administration, on a district level.

Its tasks include, for example:

  • Issuing of identification documents, passports or driver's licenses
  • Registration and regulation of companies and associations


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