Dirty Records

Dirty Records is a New Zealand hip hop label. The label is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and was founded in 2001 by hip hop producer Pete Wadams and business partner Callum August.

Dirty Records
FounderPete Wadams, Callum August
GenreHip hop
Country of originNew Zealand
Official websitewww.dirty.co.nz

Dirty Records has been describes as "one of the stand-out success stories of a thriving music scene".[1]



  • Unique: Jerry 4 W.A. (2002)
  • P-Money: Big Things (2001), Big Things Instrumentals (2002), Magic City (2004), Unreleased Joints & Remixes (2007)
  • Scribe: The Crusader (2003), Rhymebook (2007)
  • PNC: Ooooooh...On The PNC Tip - Mixtape (2005), Rookie Card (2006), Bazooka Kid (2009)
  • Frontline: What You Expect? (2004), Borrowed Time (2005)
  • David Dallas: Something Awesome (2009)

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