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Dime Magazine is an American basketball magazine that began circulation in 2001. The magazine publishes six issues a year for its worldwide readership, as well as a handful of editions of Dime China, a Chinese-language version consisting of regular Dime content translated from English and original content from editorial staff in China. It makes an appearance as an endorsement in NBA 2K12, and NBA 2K13. It is owned by Uproxx, itself a subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

Dime Magazine
Year founded2002
CompanyWarner Music Group
CountryUnited States


Dime was created as a "basketball lifestyle" magazine, covering not only the sport but the off-court lives and lifestyles of its athletes and personalities. The concept is reflected in the magazine's tagline, "The Game. The Player. The Life." Whereas most basketball (and sports) magazines only feature athletes wearing their uniforms, Dime often photographs athletes away from the court, wearing casual or business-casual attire. The first issue of Dime had Allen Iverson on the cover. Dime has published 66 issues, and its covers have featured the biggest names in basketball. Dime has established a history of giving up-and-coming stars their first-ever international magazine covers, starting with Dwight Howard in 2003 and continuing with the likes of Dwyane Wade, O. J. Mayo, Chris Paul, Tyreke Evans, Lance Stephenson, Brandon Roy, Rajon Rondo and Aquille Carr. Kobe Bryant has had the most Dime covers to date, having appeared on the cover five times.

Magazine features

  • "INK" - Photo gallery featuring players' tattoos, where the subject explains the origin behind all or some of his favorite pieces of body art.
  • "Baller's Blueprint" - First-person feature where NBA players describe their signature moves and how they execute them.
  • "What's My Name?" - One-page profiles on players who are usually not very popular on the mainstream level, often in high school or college. Notable "What's My Name?" alumni include Rudy Gay, Kevin Love, Rodney Stuckey and Blake Griffin. Notable international and female players have also been featured.
  • "Big Business" - Articles highlighting people with jobs and careers in the basketball industry; agents, sneaker designers, team owners, etc.
  • "Dime Fashion" - Photo gallery where one player models new and upcoming designer fashions.
  • "Street Seen" - A "man on the street" photo shoot highlight the current fashion trends among Dime's 18-34 male demographic, often at sneaker boutiques around the country.
  • "The Pitch" - Usually a college coach giving a first-person hypothetical recruiting pitch, or someone else with a career in the basketball industry—like an agent—hypothetically pitching a player on their services.
  • "Tangled Web" - Short reviews of popular and obscure websites, related and unrelated to basketball.
  • "Dimepiece" - A photo spread usually featuring scantily-clad female models with some kind of basketball tie-in.
  • "We Reminisce" - Retrospective feature, either an article or a single photo, paying homage to "old-school" basketball players and/or teams.
  • "Player's Ball" - Annual NCAA college basketball season preview.

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