Dili tuiduk

The dili tuiduk, дилли туйдук ( also dilli düdük, dilli tuyduk , dili tüidük, dilli tüidük ) is a Turkmen woodwind instrument. It is a clarinet-like, single-reed instrument used mainly in Turkmen folk music. Dilli-tuyduk These come in two kinds. In one, the reed end of the instrument is closed and in the other it is open. A reed is cut in the upper part of the pipe and 3 or 4 finger holes are cut on the upper part, at intervals of some 5-6mm. Its range is a 6thor 7th, from about fa in the first octave to re or mi in the second. Some sounds have to be made by overblowing or by partly exposing the finger holes. The dilli-tuyduk makes a penetrating sound and is used to play the tunes of Turkmen folk songs. Versions of song tunes in the form of ditties for the dilli-tuyduk start in a long drawn-out sound going into the main melody.

Dili tuiduk
Other names'Dilli düdük , Dilli tuyduk , dili tüidük, dilli tüidük
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