Digo people

The Digo are an ethnic and linguistic group based near the Indian Ocean coast between Mombasa in southern Kenya and Tanga in northern Tanzania. In 1994 the Digo population was estimated to total 305,000, with 217,000 ethnic Digo living in Kenya and 88,000 (1987 estimate) in Tanzania.[2] Digo people speak the Digo language, called Chidigo by speakers, a Bantu language. They are part of the greater Mijikenda ethnic group of people which contains nine smaller groups or tribes, including the Duruma, Giriama, and others.

Total population
Regions with significant populations
African Traditional Religion, Islam
Related ethnic groups
Mijikenda, other Bantu peoples

Digo women do a tremendous amount of labor, but are excluded from participating in politics, religion, kinship issues, and major economic transactions.


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