Dietrich VIII, Count of Cleves

Dietrich VIII (c.1291 7 July 1347) was a German nobleman. He was Count of Cleves from 1310 through 1347.

Dietrich VIII, Count of Cleves
Bornc. 1291
Died(1347-07-07)7 July 1347
Noble familyHouse of Cleves
Spouse(s)Margaret of Guelders
Maria of Jülich
FatherDietrich VII, Count of Cleves
MotherMargaret of Habsburg

Dietrich was the son of Dietrich VII, Count of Cleves and his second wife Margaret of Habsburg. He succeeded in 1310 his half-brother Otto, Count of Cleves who had died without sons.

Dietrich VIII married twice:

  • Margaret of Guelders († 1333), daughter of Reginald I of Guelders, in 1308. They had two daughters:
    • Margaret († 1341), married in 1332 Adolph II of the Marck († 1347), had issue.
    • Elisabeth (1307–1382), married Gerard of Voorne and Otto II of Hesse.
  • Maria of Jülich († 1353), daughter of Gerhard V of Jülich, in 1340. They had another daughter:
    • Maria, unmarried, no issue

He was succeeded by his brother John.
When his brother also died without a son, the County of Cleves went to his daughter's son Adolph III of the Marck and so to the Counts of Marck.

Dietrich VIII, Count of Cleves
House of Cleves
Born: c.1291 Died: 7 July 1347
Preceded by
Count of Cleves
Succeeded by
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