Diesel (film)

Diesel is a 1942 German biographical film directed by Gerhard Lamprecht and starring Willy Birgel, Hilde Weissner and Paul Wegener. It portrays the life of Rudolf Diesel, the German inventor of the diesel engine.[1] It was one of a series of prestigious biopics made in Nazi Germany portraying genius inventors or artists struggling against the societies in which they live. The film was based on a biography by Eugen Diesel, one of Diesel's children.

Directed byGerhard Lamprecht
Produced byRichard H. Riedel
Written by
Music byHans-Otto Borgmann
CinematographyGeorg Krause
Edited byWolfgang Wehrum
Distributed byUFA
Release date
13 November 1942
Running time
109 minutes
CountryNazi Germany

It was shot at the Babelsberg Studios in Berlin. The film's sets were designed by art director Erich Kettelhut. The film was made on a large budget of 2,349,000 reichsmarks, but was a popular box office success and was able to recoup its production costs.



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