Die Kommissarin

Die Kommissarin (German for "the inspectoress") is a German police TV series which aired on Das Erste. Its 66 episodes ran from 1994 till 2006.

Die Kommissarin
StarringHannelore Elsner
Country of originGermany
No. of episodes66
Running time48 minutes
Original release1994 

The series, which takes place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is notable as being the first, and as one of the most successful, German police detective series with a female lead character (others include Bella Block and Rosa Roth).

The main character is Inspector Lea Sommer, played by Hannelore Elsner. Sommer is divorced with custody of her teenage son, Daniel. She is looking forward to a new relationship with her new boyfriend, Jonathan. Although Lea and Jonathan telephone each other frequently, he is never seen or heard on screen (see unseen character).

Sommer was originally paired with Nick Siegel (Til Schweiger), but in a 1996 episode, Siegel was shot to death by an escaping criminal. His last words were "Lea, ich fühle mich so kalt" ("Lea, I feel so cold"). Sommer's current partner officer is Jan Orlop.

Die Kommissarin airs on the German Language channel German Kino Plus in the United States. In Finland it airs on Yle TV2 under the title Etsivä Lea Sommer. (Detective Lea Sommer)

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