Dick Barton at Bay

Dick Barton at Bay is a 1950 British film about special agent Dick Barton. It was the second of three films that Hammer Film Productions made about the British agent, although it was the last released, following Dick Barton: Special Agent and Dick Barton Strikes Back.[1]

Dick Barton at Bay
Original trade ad in Kinematograph Weekly
Directed byGodfrey Grayson
Produced byHenry Halstead
Written byAmbrose Grayson
StarringDon Stannard
Music byRupert Grayson
Frank Spencer
CinematographyStanley Clinton
Edited byMax Brenner
Distributed byExclusive Films
Release date
2 October 1950
Running time
68 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


Captain Richard 'Dick' Barton and his wartime college; 'Snowey' White, are quickly assigned to recover a kidnapped scientist and de-activate a death ray before national catastrophe triggers World War III with Great Britain at the heart of Hell...


Main cast

Supporting cast

  • Patrick Macnee as Phillips (Credited as Patrick McNee)
  • George Crawford as Boris
  • Paddy Ryan as Fingers
  • Fred Owens as A Gangster (Credited as Fred Owen)
  • Yoshihide Yanai as Chang
  • Ted Butterfield as Tommy

Uncredited/cameo cast


The film's title during production was Dick Barton vs the Death Ray. A fourth Barton film was scheduled, Dick Barton in Africa, but Don Stannard was killed in a car crash driving back from the wrap party and Hammer elected not to continue the series.[2]

Critical reception

Sky Cinema wrote "In their rush to get Barton on to the screen, the makers, despite using the original radio serials as a basis, neglected to give the films the proper budget, resulting in Dick's adventures having an air of tatty, thick-ear melodrama which was never present for the millions of wireless devotees glued to their sets every night at 6.45pm";[3] while TV Guide noted "A simple action-adventure film that moves at an entertaining pace";[4] and Allmovie called it "a far better thriller than its predecessor."[1]


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