Dick Barton Strikes Back

Dick Barton Strikes Back is a 1949 British film about special agent Dick Barton.[1] It was the third of three films that Hammer Film Productions made about the agent, although it was the second released.[2]

Dick Barton Strikes Back
Directed byGodfrey Grayson
Produced byAnthony Hinds
Mae Murray
Written byElizabeth Baron and Ambrose Grayson, based on a story by Ambrose Grayson
StarringDon Stannard
Sebastian Cabot
Distributed byExclusive Films
Release date
Running time
73 minutes


Captain Richard 'Dick' Barton and his associate; Snowey White, uncover a spyring of international psychopathic criminals with plans to dominate Great Britain, if not, the world, using a terrifying weapon of mass destruction...


The film's title during production was Dick Barton and the Silent Plague.[3]


Critical reception

Mystery File wrote "This is a little kid’s idea of a Spy Movie, with transparent trickery, obvious “surprise” villains and character development just below the level of a CLUE game, but it was clearly also the precursor of the James Bond films, with the suave, hard-fighting hero flung in and out of the clutches of sinister villains and predatory females with equal aplomb. It’s a time-waster, sure, but a fun thing, with death rays, a sinister carnival and a really gripping final set-to up and down a (rather unsettlingly phallic) tower."[4] while The Spinning Image found "An excellent example of pure pulp cinema, Dick Barton Strikes Back is solidly entertaining and never flags, right up to the finish line."[5] and TV Guide called it "The best of the three "Dick Barton" films."[6]


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