Diana Forbes-Robertson

Diana "Dinah" Forbes-Robertson (14 December 1914 9 December 1987) was a British writer.

The daughter of Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson and Lady Gertrude Forbes-Robertson, both actors, she was born in London and grew up in Kent. She was educated at boarding schools and at a French school in London. In 1935, she married Vincent Sheean, an American journalist. The couple travelled to Spain, Czechoslovakia and other parts of Europe before moving to the United States. During their travels, Forbes-Robertson wrote for the New York Herald Tribune. The couple divorced in 1946 and remarried in 1949. They had two daughters.[1][2] She and her husband lived for a number of years in Italy, where he died in 1975.[3]

Forbes-Robertson died at the age of 72 in St Stephen's Hospital in London from a stroke while also suffering from pneumonia.[1]

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