Dhaka International Film Festival

Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF) is a biennial film festival held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Established in 1992, the festival was initially organized on annual basis, but became a biennial event since 1995. DIFF is one of the most prestigious film events in Bangladesh, dedicated to introduce the mainstream global cinema to the local film makers as well as to promote healthy cine culture within Bangladesh. The festival was founded by the Rainbow Film Society, which has, as of 2012, organized 12 editions of the event bringing international recognition to it.[1][2][3][4]

Dhaka International Film Festival
LocationDhaka, Bangladesh
Hosted byRainbow Film Society
No. of films13


The festival authority chooses and invites Asian and Australian films to participate in different sections. The sections are:

  • Retrospective
  • Cinema of the World
  • Women Filmmakers
  • Children's Film
  • Short and Independent
  • Spiritual Films

The festival is devoted to feature films only. Documentary and short films may only be included in Women Filmmaker, Short and Independent, Spiritual Films and in other special sections where it is deemed fit.[5] A five-member independent international jury board adjudicate the Asian competition section. The international jury committee select one Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Script and Best Cinematographer. These awards consist of a crest and certificate. The Best Film award carries a cash prize of Tk 100,000.

Awards ceremonies

The following is a listing of all Dhaka International Film Awards ceremonies since 1992.

Edition Dates Best Film Best Director Notes Sources
6thJanuary 20–28, 2000A Scam in Verseno award[6]
7thJanuary 20–28, 2002Future Diary: The Movieno awardscreened 100 films of 19 countries[7]
8thJanuary 15-23, 2004Sulang Kirilli
(The Wind Bird)
Anwar Jamal for Swaraaj
(The Little Republic)
screened 100 films from 25 countries[8]
9thJanuary 17–25, 2006Café TransitSekhar Das for Krantikaalscreened 150 films of 30 countries[9]
10thJanuary 10–18, 2008Kargaran Mashgoul-e Karand (Men at Work)no awardscreened 31 films[4][10]
11thJanuary 14–22, 2010The Other BankMostofa Sarwar Farooki for Third Person Singular Number[11]
12thJanuary 12–20, 2012no awardSinan Çetin for Paperscreened 200 films from 55 countries[1][12]
13thJanuary 10–18, 2014no awardParviz Shahbazi for Trappedscreened 150 films from 50 countries including the first film entirely in Chakma language, Mor Thengari[13][14][15]
14thJanuary 15–23, 2016A Few Cubic Meters of LoveTom Waller for
The Last Executioner
screened 184 films from 60 countries[16][17]
15thJanuary 12–20, 2017DaughterParviz Shahbazi for Malariascreened 188 films from 67 countries[18]
16thJanuary 11–21, 2018ZerOnur Saylak for Dahascreened 216 films from 64 countries[19]
17thJanuary 10–18, 2019Darak yryPooya Badkoobeh for Dressagescreened 218 films from 72 countries[20]

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