Dexippus (philosopher)

Dexippus (Greek: Δέξιππος; fl. 350) was a Greek philosopher, a pupil of the Neoplatonist Iamblichus, belonging to the middle of the 4th century AD. He wrote commentaries on Plato and Aristotle of which one, an explanation and defense of the Aristotelian Categories, is partially extant. In this work Dexippus explains to one Seleucus the Aristotelian Categories, and endeavours at the same time to refute the objections of Plotinus. He also advocated the harmony of the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle.[1]

A Latin edition edited by Félicien was published under the title Quœstionum in Categorias Libri Tres in 1549. The Greek text was published by Leonhard von Spengel in 1859. An English translation by John M. Dillon was published in 1990.


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Further reading

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