Dewoitine D.27

The Dewoitine D.27 was a parasol monoplane fighter aircraft designed by Émile Dewoitine in 1928.

Role Fighter
Manufacturer Dewoitine
First flight 1928
Introduction 1931
Primary user Swiss Air Force

Design and development

After the end of World War I, the slump in demand for aircraft forced Dewoitine to close his company and move to Switzerland in 1927.

He produced the D.27 the following year, 66 of which were produced for the Swiss Air Force from 1931. It was also license-built in Yugoslavia by Zmaj aircraft and in Romania.

Operational history

Seven strengthened versions, designated the D.53, served experimentally with the French Escadrille 7C1, flying from the aircraft carrier Béarn.

Minor variants

  • D.271 : One aircraft used for testing a Hispano-Suiza 12Hb engine.
  • D.273 : One aircraft used for testing a Bristol Jupiter engine with supercharger.
  • D.531 : One aircraft used for testing a Hispano-Suiza engine.
  • D.532 : A single aircraft used for testing a Rolls-Royce Kestrel inline engine.
  • D.535 : One aircraft fitted with an HS 12Xbis engine.
  • D.534 : Used for parachute trials.



Specifications (D.27)

Data from Encyclopedia of Military Aircraft[1]

General characteristics

  • Crew: one
  • Length: 6.5 m (21 ft 4 in)
  • Wingspan: 9.8 m (32 ft 2 in)
  • Height: 2.79 m (9 ft 2 in)
  • Empty weight: 1,038 kg (2,288 lb)
  • Gross weight: 1,382 kg (3,047 lb)
  • Max takeoff weight: 1,414 kg (3,117 lb)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Hispano-Suiza 12Mc V-12 liquid-cooled piston engine, 373 kW (500 hp)


  • Maximum speed: 312 km/h (194 mph, 168 kn)
  • Range: 600 km (370 mi, 320 nmi)
  • Service ceiling: 9,200 m (30,200 ft)
  • Rate of climb: 10 m/s (2,000 ft/min)


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