Deviated Instinct

Deviated Instinct are an English extreme metal band formed in 1984 Norwich. They are considered pioneers of both crust punk and death metal. Their first EP, Welcome to the Orgy, was released by Peaceville Records, which released the majority of their albums. The band disbanded in 1991, but reunited in late 2007.

Deviated Instinct
OriginNorwich, United Kingdom
GenresCrust punk, death metal
Years active1984–1991, 2007–present
Rob "Mid" Middleton


Current line-up

  • Leggo (vocals, 1984–1988, 2007–present)
  • Rob "Mid" Middleton (guitar/vocals, 1984–1991, 2007–present)
  • Snapa (bass guitar, 1986–1987, 1988–1991, 2007–present)
  • Tony (drums, 1994–present)


  • The Last Time demo (1985)
  • Welcome to the Orgy EP (Peaceville, 1987)
  • Tip of the Iceberg demo (1986)
  • Terminal Filth Stenchcore demo (1986)
  • In Crust We Trust live LP (self-released, 1987)
  • Return of Frost demo (1987)
  • Consolidation split EP with Revulsion and Rhetoric (Pathway, 1988)
  • Rock 'n' Roll Conformity LP (Peaceville, 1988)
  • Definitive Instinct compilation (Peaceville, 1990)
  • Guttural Breath LP (Peaceville, 1989)
  • 1989 Demo demo (1989)
  • Nailed EP (Prophecy, 1990)
  • Split with Grave and Devolution (Prophecy, 1991)
  • Wrenched Spine live LP (self-released, 1991)
  • Re-Opening Old Wounds compilation (Desperate Attempt, 1993)
  • Welcome to the Orgy compilation (Peaceville, 2006)
  • Liberty Crawls...To The Sanctuary Of Slaves EP (Profane Existence, 2012)

Compilation appearances

  • Words Worth Shouting LP (track: "Possession"; Radical Change, 1985)
  • A Vile Peace LP (track: "Rock 'n' Roll Conformity"; Peaceville, 1987)
  • 1984 the Third LP (track: "Return of Frost"; New Wave, 1987)
  • Consolidation EP (tracks: "Scarecrow" and "House of Cards"' Pathway, 1987)
  • Attack Is Suicide LP (track: "Master of All"; Double A, 1987)
  • Hiatus LP (tracks: "Scarecrow II" and "Among Friends"; Peaceville, 1988)
  • Airstrip One LP (track: "Mechanical Extinction"; Mystic, 1988)
  • Vile Vibes LP (track: "The Resurrection Encore"; Peaceville, 1990)
  • Hardcore Holocaust II - The Peel Sessions LP (track: "Open Wound"; Strange Fruit, 1990)
  • Vile Visions video (tracks: "Open Wound" and "Dipfeeder"; Jettisound, 1990)


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