Deutscher Fernsehpreis

The Deutscher Fernsehpreis (German Television Award) is a German award for television programming, created in 1999 by German television channels Das Erste, ZDF, RTL and Sat.1.[1] It is awarded annually. It was created to be an equivalent to the Emmy Awards, though it is not organized by an academy. The Fernsehpreis is the successor to both the Telestar (Das Erste and ZDF) and the Goldener Löwe (RTL) awards.[2]


The first award took place on 2 October 1999 in Cologne. Every year another of the participating stations broadcast the ceremony:

1999RTLJochen Busse, Johannes B. Kerner, Gabi Bauer and Kai Pflaume
2000ZDFUlla Kock am Brink
2001Sat.1Anke Engelke and Hape Kerkeling
2002ARDSandra Maischberger and Dirk Bach
2003RTLGünther Jauch
2004ZDFThomas Gottschalk
2005Sat.1Anke Engelke and Hugo Egon Balder
2006ARDJörg Pilawa
2007RTLMarco Schreyl
2008ZDFThomas Gottschalk
2009Sat.1Anke Engelke and Bastian Pastewka
2010ARDSandra Maischberger and Kurt Krömer
2011RTLMarco Schreyl and Nazan Eckes
2012ZDFOliver Welke and Olaf Schubert
2013Sat.1Oliver Pocher and Ilka Bessin
2014Das ErsteSandra Maischberger, Hans Sigl and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf
2016RTL1Barbara Schöneberger
2017ZDFBarbara Schöneberger

1 It will not air on TV.


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