Detroit Repertory Theatre

Detroit Repertory Theatre is a regional theatre located at 13103 Woodrow Wilson in Detroit, Michigan with a seating capacity of 194. It is Michigan's longest running, non-profit, professional (union) Theatre. The theatre began as a touring company in 1957 and performed throughout Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, before it established itself on Woodrow Wilson Avenue in Detroit in 1963.[1] It survived the race riots of 1967 and has been over the nearly 60 years of its existence often the only fully professional non-profit theatre in Detroit. The theatre averages about 60,000 admissions each year.

Among the world premieres to open at Detroit Rep are Jacob M. Appel's Arborophilia in 2006 and Causa Mortis in 2009.[2][3][4][5] William Roetzheim selected Appel's Causa Mortis for inclusion in Regional Best 2011 as one of the nine top plays to premiere at regional theaters during the 2009–10 season.[6]


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