Detours (2016 film)

Detours is a 2016 road-trip comedy about a newly single New Yorker who must relocate to Florida for a new job; she travels south with her widowed father and her mother’s ashes in a coffee can.[1] Detours was directed by Robert McCaskill from a script by Mara Lesemann (additionally known for Surviving Family). The movie starred Tara Westwood and Carlo Fiorletta; the supporting cast included Richard Kind, Michael Cerveris, Phyllis Somerville, Kim Director, and Paul Sorvino. Cerveris also contributed several original songs to the soundtrack.

Promotional Film Poster by David Spagnolo
Directed byRobert McCaskill
Produced byCarlo Fiorletta
Mara Lesemann
Tara Westwood
Written byMara Lesemann
StarringTara Westwood
Carlo Fiorletta
Paul Sorvino
Richard Kind
Michael Cerveris
Phyllis Somerville
Kim Director
Music byAndre Fratto
CinematographyChristopher Eadicicco
About Us Productions
Release date
  • April 30, 2016 (2016-04-30) (Sunscreen Film Festival)
Running time
81 minutes
CountryUnited States

Detours premiered at the Sunscreen Film Festival on April 30, 2016, and was released on Amazon Prime on November 25, 2016.[2]


Detours is the story of a father and daughter who are both starting over, one after the death of a spouse and the other after a divorce.

When Jennifer Giraldi (Tara Westwood) visits her father (Carlo Fiorletta) to announce she is relocating to start a new career, she realizes her father has not left the house since the death of his wife (Kim Director), except for bare necessities and he has yet to dispose of her mother’s ashes. Jennifer realizes she has lost touch with her dad despite being geographically close. She convinces Dan to tackle the relocation with her and her automated friend, Joe, her GPS with above-average artificial intelligence.



Detours was shot over 20 days in September and October 2014.[3] Interiors were shot in New Jersey and New York City. Exteriors were shot in New Jersey; North Carolina; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; and Saint Petersburg, Florida.


The score for Detours was created by Andre Fratto, and featured several original songs.[4]

1."Down the Road" (Theme Song)Lane TurnerLane Turner4:31
2."Disconnect"Michael CerverisMichael Cerveris6:47
3."Crosshill"Michael CerverisMichael Cerveris3:48
4."SPCA"Michael Cerveris and Corin TuckerMichael Cerveris and Corin Tucker4:47
5."Just My Love"Katherine C. Hughes and Craig WilsonKatherine C. Hughes2:59
6."Carry On"Deena MillerDeena Miller4:39
7."Back to You"Jon Alan LeeJon Alan Lee1:43
8."Almost Beautiful"Kurt Krezanski and Jimmy ThowKurt Krezanski3:58
9."Bach Sarabande in B Minor, BWV 1002"Johann Sebastian BachDavid Patterson2:55
10."Over That Bridge"Britt NealBritt Neal3:40
11."I Do"Abby PayneAbby Payne2:59


Detours premiered at the Sunscreen Film Festival in Saint Petersburg, Florida, on April 30, 2016.[5] It subsequently screened at the Golden Door Film Festival in Jersey City, NJ. Detours received positive reviews from critics—Florida feature editor Jennifer Heit praised the film, saying, “With much candor and a touch of whimsy, Detours explores the issues all of us grapple with - grief, rejection, insecurity - while showing how even just a kernel of hope helps manage life's inevitable messiness.”[6] Richard Propes of The Independent Critic gave the film 3 stars, calling it “the kind of film that proves to be popular on the indie fest circuit by telling a story so seldom seen in the multiplexes these days.”[7]

Home media

Detours was released on Amazon Prime on November 25, 2016.[8]

Awards and nominations

2016 Action on Film International Film Festival Best Picture Detours Won
2016 Golden Door International Film Festival of Jersey City[9] Best Actress in a Feature Film Tara Westwood Won
2016 Golden Door International Film Festival of Jersey City Best Supporting Actor Richard Kind Won
2016 Golden Door International Film Festival of Jersey City Best Actor in a Feature Film Carlo Fiorletta Nominated
2016 Long Island International Film Expo Best Feature Film Detours Nominated


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