Detective Lloyd

Detective Lloyd (1932) is a Universal, 12-chapter movie serial. A co-production between the American company Universal and the British company General Films, it was filmed entirely in Britain with British and Commonwealth actors. It was the only sound serial ever produced in England. Although a print was shown on British and Swedish[1] TV as recently as the 1970s, the film is now considered lost.

Detective Lloyd
Directed byHenry MacRae
Ray Taylor
StarringJack Lloyd
Muriel Angelus
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
General Films
Release date
January 4,
  • 1932 (1932)
Running time
12 chapters (216 min)
CountryUnited Kingdom
United States

It was also known by the titles Lloyd of the C.I.D. and In the Hands of the Hinfu. Detective Lloyd battled a villain known as the Panther in this serial. Material from the serial was edited into a movie called The Green Spot Mystery (1932), which is also a lost film. Detective Lloyd is on the British Film Institute's BFI 75 Most Wanted list of lost films.[2]

Chapter titles

  1. The Green Spot Murder
  2. The Panther Strikes
  3. The Trap Springs
  4. Tracked by Wireless
  5. The Death Ray
  6. The Poison Dart
  7. The Race with Death
  8. The Panther's lair
  9. Imprisoned in the North Tower
  10. The Panther's Cunning
  11. The Panther at Bay
  12. Heroes of the Law


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  1. The Swedish broadcast was shown on SVT2 during the summer of 1974 with the 12th and last episode being aired on July 5; see TV schedules in contemporary newspapers, for example Aftonbladet, July 5, 1974.
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