Destination Films

Destination Films is a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment currently specializing in action, thriller, niche, sci-fi and low-end to medium-end horror films.

Destination Films
Division of Sony Pictures
Low-end to Medium-end Horror
Founded1998 (1998)
FounderSteve Stabler
Brent Baum
HeadquartersCulver City, California, USA
Key people
John Goodman
ProductsMotion pictures
OwnerIndependent (1998-2001)
Sony Pictures Entertainment (2001–present)
ParentSony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions

The original Destination Films was founded by Brent Baum and Steve Stabler in 1998. The company made a deal with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to have them distribute their films for video release. The company was shut down in February 2001 after failing to meet financial expectations. Remaining titles such as The Wedding Planner and Slackers were sold off to Sony Pictures for distribution.[1]

In 2002, Destination Films was revived as a division of Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, with the anime film Metropolis being scheduled for their first release, although the film Shiri would be released a couple weeks before. Many of the films released on home entertainment under Destination Films would receive a theatrical release beforehand from either other Sony Pictures divisions like TriStar Pictures and Screen Gems or third-party distributors like Samuel Goldwyn Films.[2] In 2007, Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions took over and has released some films under Destination Films' label, like Blood: The Last Vampire[3][4], Black Dynamite and Harry Brown.[5][6]


Release Date Title Notes
October 22, 1999BatsU.S. Distributor; International Distributor & Co-production with Columbia Pictures
January 28, 2000Eye of the Beholder
March 3, 2000Drowning Mona
July 26, 2000Thomas and the Magic Railroadco-production with Gullane Pictures and Isle of Man Film Commission.
September 1, 2000Whipped
September 29, 2000Beautiful
October 27, 2000Mission Kashmir
April 9, 2002Shiritheatrical distribution by Samuel Goldwyn Films
April 23, 2002Metropolistheatrical distribution by TriStar Pictures
June 8, 2002Buying the Cow
September 3, 2002Cowboy Up
September 24, 2002Vampires: Los Muertos
December 17, 2002An Evening with Kevin Smith
December 24, 2002Black Mask 2: City of Masks
May 16, 2003Cowboy Bebop: The Movieco-distributed with Samuel Goldwyn Films in the US; produced in Japan by Sunrise Animation and Bones
May 23, 2003The Era of Vampires
September 30, 2003Scenes of the Crime
October 17, 2003Returnerco-distributed with Samuel Goldwyn Films
March 2, 2004Ride or Die
March 6, 2004Wild Things 2
September 28, 2004Sniper 3
November 23, 2004Doing Hard Time
December 29, 2004A Love Song for Bobby Longco-production with Yari Film Group; distributed by Lionsgate Films
February 15, 2005Into the Sun
March 25, by Samuel Goldwyn Films
April 26, 2005Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough
May 3, 2005Vampires: The Turning
June 24, 2005Saving Faceco-production with Sony Pictures Classics
July 26, 2005SteamboyDirector's Cut only; co-distributed by Triumph Films
September 30, 2005MirrorMaskco-production with The Jim Henson Company; distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films
September 30, 2005Sueño
December 16, 2005The Squid and the Whaleco-distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films
February 10, 2006Londonco-distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films
April 25, 2006Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
May 23, 2006Hollow Man 2sequel to Hollow Man with Columbia Pictures in 2000
August 15, 2006I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer
August 25, 2006The Quiet
September 5, 2006Population 436
September 29, 2006Facing the Giantsco-distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films
October 3, 2006Glass House: The Good Mother
January 2, 2007Shottasco-distributed by Triumph Films
January 26, 2007Seraphim Fallsco-distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films
June 1, 2007Rise: Blood Hunterco-distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films
July 13, 2007Tekkonkinkreet
August 31, 2007The Ninesco-distributed by Strand Releasing
October 5, 2007The Good Nightco-distributed by Yari Film Group
October 26, 2007Slipstreamco-distributed by Strand Releasing
November 14, 2007Southland Tales
December 7, 2007Revolverco-distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films
December 12, 2007The Perfect Holidayco-distributed by Yari Film Group
January 8, 2008Boogeyman 2
April 11, 2008The Take
October 16, 2009Black Dynamite
April 30, 2010Harry Brownco-distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films
October 29, 2010Welcome to the Rileysco-distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films
March 11, 2011Elektra Luxx
October 19, 2012The First Time
February 26, 2013Company of Heroes
August 16, 2013Magic Magicco-production with Braven Films
September 30, 2014Sniper: Legacy
June 26, 2015Into the Grizzly Mazeco-distributed by Vertical Entertainment
July 7, 2015No Way Jose
August 7, 2015Lake Placid vs. Anaconda
February 12, 2016Ratterco-distributed by Vertical Entertainment
June 7, 2016Never Back Down: No Surrender
August 2, 2016Sniper: Ghost Shooter
August 12, 2016Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the 4th Reich
July 6, 2017Kill 'Em All
August 1, 2017S.W.A.T.: Under Siege
October 3, 2017Sniper: Ultimate Kill
October 27, 2017Crash Padco-distribution by Vertical Entertainment
February 6, 2018Accident Man


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