Desirable (film)

Desirable is a 1934 American drama film directed by Archie Mayo and starring Jean Muir and George Brent. It was released by Warner Bros. The film follows the story of Lois (Jean Muir), the 19-year-old daughter of a famous actress (Verree Teasdale), who has been hidden away at boarding school to protect her mother's image. A scarlet-fever quarantine sends her home to New York City, full of innocent enthusiasm, only to be betrayed by her mother, by the arrogant egotists of her mother's theatrical world and by the haughty social snobs in the upper-crust family whose son her mother persuades her to marry. Mac (George Brent), a friend of her mother's, initially plays an avuncular role, but by the end of the movie they realize that they are in love.

Jean Muir in Desirable
Directed byArchie Mayo
Produced byEdward Chodorov
Written byMary C. McCall Jr.
StarringGeorge Brent
Jean Muir
Music byRay Heindorf
Bernhard Kaun
Heinz Roemheld
CinematographyErnest Haller
Edited byThomas Pratt
Distributed byWarner Bros. Pictures, Inc.
Release date
September 8, 1934 (1934-09-08)
Running time
68 min.
CountryUnited States

One brief, sweet, completely natural scene is remarkable for its time—or indeed for a long time to come. At a ball, Lois, tired of dancing with the same partner (no one will cut in) pretends her shoe is broken and seeks refuge in the hotel Ladies’ Lounge. One of the maids brings her a glass of water, tells her she is welcome to stay, then picks up her knitting. Lois admires the shade of pink, and they chat. It is for the maid's sister's baby, a boy, 18 months old, too big to handle now. She has a picture of him, would Lois like to see it ? Oh yes, Lois exclaims, and then “ Isn’t he cute?” His aunt replies, “ The rolyist polyist little man” and they laugh happily together at the baby, whose adorable picture fills the screen. What is so special? The maid and the baby are African-American.


Helen Walbridge (Verree Teasdale) is a famous actress who does not want her true age to be known. She, therefore, keeps her 19-year-old daughter (Jean Muir) secreted away in a boarding school.[1]



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